Pepi Rössler​/​Lora​/​Nausae​/​Unable To Fully Embrace This Happiness - Split

by unable to fully embrace this happiness

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  • second issue of our seven songs tape.
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    Every cover is printed on a ripped out page of the book "Her Majesty's Wizard".

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drums were done in our rehearsal room (aka Daniel's Mum's basement) and guitars, bass and vocals were done in Béla's Mum's living room.


released February 16, 2016



all rights reserved


unable to fully embrace this happiness Klagenfurt, Austria

screamo/emoviolence from klagenfurt austria.

béla - guitars/vocals
daniel - bass
david - drums/vocals

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Track Name: i got beat up at the place hulk hogan recorded his stuff
i did not intend to break the glass
please stop hitting me
i lied for you and all i got was a beanie
i can‘t hear anything on my left ear
Track Name: édes macskám (mary lou)
i still remember the first time i met you
stroking your hair, listening to your purring
please don‘t die
i‘d choose you over most humans anytime
i hope the operation works out fine
i hope you get more time than we were told
Track Name: i'm ashamed that i wrote so cheesy teenage lyrics
i don‘t even have a real reason to stick to these plans.
i just want it to end.

and all that keeps me here, is the thought that you would suffer if i leave
and that i can‘t take.
and i don‘t want it to be such a melodramatic scene so please lets just sit here for a little longer til there is no other option than to leave.

i know more than anyone that i never gave it my all
Track Name: untitled
absurd convictions of being an alpha
overpriveleged from birth,
never learned to listen

so violent
unable to upen up
always violent
hard as stone until the end

masculinity is a tragedy
Track Name: my lifesaver is called spar express
wipe out my memories
the loss will supposedly make me happy
what lies ahead struggles with my apathy
wipe my tears and try to find a way
that will possibly form while i wait

motionless in a place i‘ve never been before
it‘s our nature, i guess, but i can‘t relate
to all these new responsibilities i have to take
and i would rather just zip my mezzo mix and read some manga
but i will have to do what i really don‘t want
and i hate this here but what the future holds is even worse
i would rather spend my time with you
Track Name: foucault hasst justus wertmüller
lovers caught in monogamy forced into romantic culture.

and even the radical left wing* is still not able to handle sex in a healthy way

still the same old patriarchal hierarchies that we tried to escape.
still shaming sexual desires,even the ones that are widely spread**.

an obscure theory of ownership over a person due to affection, shared feelings and sex

when rapeculture is still present in circles that define themselves as progressive
it shows just how little these variate from general society.

* the "even" that is put into that sentence is almost a joke as the majority of the radical left wing is backward on so many terrains.

** by "widely spread sexual desires" i mean desires like all this "kinky" stuff (bondage, rough sex, various bodypart fetishes, anal penetration, clothing fetishes etc.) which are widespread in the genreal population, just ignored.
Track Name: reading a whole library of dictionaries only to understand one sentence isn't worth the effort
when your self-acclaimed critique is only a copy of what has been said by old white males a long time ago,
it‘s not criticism but awkward fandom at best.

when your struggle is one that you adopted from people who face oppression you just show much about your abscene of ever expiriencing being oppressed.

why don‘t you just choke on your arrogance
can‘t you just let the ones speak who you pretend to defend
an opinion on everything, but in the end you have nothing to say

complex speech, hiding your self centered bullshit
only read and discuss things that support your convictions
it‘s easy to put on an intellectual image
when it's hollow and there is nothing in it

if only one perticular kind of oppression is worth being fought
your political intentions are nothing but a sick joke.