The Morning Sun & The End Of The World

by unable to fully embrace this happiness

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marvvx really heavy 90's influenced skramz that punches a hole through your face. the harsh and noisey production makes it even better! one of my favourite screamo releases of this year Favorite track: Thank You Very Much For Gathering Today.
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recorded in late march and early april of 2017 by ourselves in our rehearsal space, using a webcam and a dictaphone. lyrics and themes inspired by the works of inio asano.


released July 26, 2017



all rights reserved


unable to fully embrace this happiness Klagenfurt, Austria

screamo/emoviolence from klagenfurt austria.

béla - guitars/vocals
daniel - bass
david - drums/vocals

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Track Name: The Bright Lights Of A Hidden City
Streetlight on trees. Autumn still hasn’t taken it’s toll.
The parks seem dead when the chidlren are gone.
When was the last time you felt a breeze in your hair?
I still can’t wrap my head around it.
What seems like weakness is just common sense.
The ears are ringing and and what stays is insomnia.
Track Name: I Quit My Job So I Could Play More RPGs
Looking back now, the me six months ago
was trying to find a way to survive in this big city.
I can’t let things stay this way forever.
Forming a crucifix while riding my bike
without using my hands.
Track Name: The Happy End Overshadows The Forthcoming Drama
What a time to be alive. I stabbed my eye with a knife.
Broke your teeth in and waited for you so many years.
I’m sorry I couldn’t leave. I was being held back.
The easiest things become a chore.
Living becomes a chore.
Closed away from the world.
The only interactions are while grocery shopping.
Speechless. Forever.
Track Name: A Day Off Spent The Right Way
The second portion is for free
as I haven’t seen a smile so bright in a long time.
I’m unable to decide while taking the subway,
but I can always do the laundry a second time.
Track Name: Ted's Radio Appearance Made Me Fall Asleep
Why can’t you just talk a little bit louder?
Even your friend over there can do that, so why can’t you too.
Your slow mumbling is unbearable.
Track Name: The Flat Earth Society Has Members All Around The Globe
All hail the mothership.
All hail the motherland.
This child has access to a machine that can fly.
My suit is white and looks like the moon.
The trackers follow my every step
Revival of the aboriginal aliens.
Track Name: Thank You Very Much For Gathering Today
“I like your writings, but I will not read them anymore.
I’m scared that I learn too much about you.”
That girl’s words were like a mirage I could never grasp,
but I believed that the day when I could reach them would come.
Everyone has their own way of working, but I don’t know mine.
I wasn’t trying to find fault in what you were saying,
it’s just that I’m sick of living life.
Flowers are scattering, spring is scattering, people are scattering.
A soul has lost it’s way, the days of wandering without direction begin.
Track Name: Like A Mixture Of A Power Ranger And A Reptile
Is there a way to defeat the demon lord Gildack?
...and so Neo-Kanto City was nearly destroyed.
Until we meet again.
Track Name: The Journalist
Livestream of a suicide.
Don’t you have children of your own?
Fourteen pages by the end of the week.
It is always darkest before the dawn
and you can’t know what this server will spawn
but the smell of smoke won’t leave my clothes.
The weather smells of leaves and I stop to stumble,
just to see march flourish to april.
Track Name: Someday That Video Will Serve As Proof Of How Idiotic Things Were During This Period
If that had been an acorn, you’d be dead.
This is why I hate winter.
Is this the year you’re finally going to graduate?
It’s not a perfectly safe operation as war is on it’s way.
No longer holding any beliefs, only playing the cynic.
Track Name: The Value Of The Art Of Listening
Listen with your eyes.
In a sense the the ability to thrive is to feed off the creative.
You memorize “Hamlet” and and can’t stop yelling.
A hand over my head.
Haven’t you washed your hands yet?
Your lips are moving and I can’t hear a thing.
Track Name: Pepper & Caraway Seed
There are things that belong into others, and in this situation I will be that person.
Painfull to watch for some, but who said you were invited.
You know how hard it is for me to be direct with what I want.
In nineteen years I haven’t flirted once.
Your skin gets wounded. I lick your sweat. The taste is exquisite.
That is the moment when I scream in joy.
Track Name: The Dilemma Of Having Conservative Kin
Unlocking a lost phone. What is there to be found.
The tale of a young woman*’s transition and the tragedy
that is her family, friends and general society.
I don’t feel like I have something to say.
Escape this town full of bigots.
The love you need will never be found at home.
Track Name: ...Just When I Thought I Was Done Being The Mediator
I did not expect you to understand me, rigth?
The sun hurts my eyes but that is not what made me blind.
Spent all night in a bowling alley
while my neighbour tried to kill herself.
She seemed really happy when I met her in the morning.
I hope my meeting will go well.
You have to keep in mind I haven’t slept tonight.
In the end my friend did not show up.